The Mindful Mage

Mind is our Medium™

Upgrading the human operating system to eliminate all experiences of unnecessary suffering.

the genetic circle:

a neurobiological container for evolving into the higher-dimensions

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Devin Ryback

The Mindful Mage

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David Lovewell

The Shamanic Spy

David is a lifelong student and teacher of the Martial Arts. He currently holds a 5th degree black belt in Budo Taijutsu, and he regularly travels to Japan to deepen his studies.

With over a decade of experience as a professional magician, David has truly made his home among the Hidden.

From spending years as a homeless wandering monk, and becoming an initiated priest within various traditions...… to being put on salary as a Sorcerer for Hire to seven-figure companies, and eventually helping to build a seven-figure company of his own, David carries a unique Medicine — born out of his tantric connection to the spirit of Money herself.

Nowadays, when he’s not practicing Hypnosis and exploring other dimensions, David spends most of his time hanging out with family, connecting with ancestors, all the while rewriting timelines of reality.

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