Custom Meditation Recording

Practice mindfulness meditation with a custom guided meditation recording from Rev. Devin Ryback. Enhance focus and find inner peace.

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Personalized Recordings to Enhance Focus and Find Inner Peace

Our Custom Meditation Recordings produced by Rev. Devin Ryback are offered remotely only, and delivered as a digital downloadable file.

The Mindful Mage® offers high quality custom made guided meditation recordings produced by Rev. Devin Ryback.

These personalized recordings are for your personal use only.

These recordings are voice only, and do not contain music.

Use these recordings in the comfort of your own home, or any space in which it is safe to listen to such recordings.

Our Custom Meditation Recordings are included as a part of our Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ service.

What does our Custom Guided Meditation Recording service look like?

These are the simplest custom recordings we offer — and sometimes simple is better.

We also offer Custom Hypnosis and Affirmation Recordings.

These meditation recordings are an excellent way to begin, or enhance, your daily mindfulness practice.

Rev. Devin has over a decade of mindfulness and meditation experience, so you'll have a real expert to guide you!

We offer 3 different durations of guided meditation recordings: 10, 20, and 30 minutes.

How do I get my Custom Meditation Recording?

If you are already working with The Mindful Mage and Rev. Devin already knows you, then we may already have enough information to make your custom recording.

If you have not worked with The Mindful Mage yet and you want to purchase a custom recording, then all you need to do is leave a note when you're checking out in our store.

Your note must have the following information:

  1. Your full name and pronunciation
  2. Whichever pronouns you use to refer to yourself
  3. Why you want a custom recording and any other relevant information to help Rev. Devin make the best recording for you
  4. That's it!

If we need more information or clarification, Rev. Devin will follow up with you via email, text, or phone call.

How much do Custom Meditation Recordings cost?

10-Minute Meditation — $30

20-Minute Meditation — $50

30-Minute Meditation — $60

We offer discounts on bundles of guided meditation recordings.

Custom Meditation Recording

$30 – $160

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