Custom Sigil Magick

Create personalized symbols to manifest your desires and unlock the energy of intention in your life with Rev. Devin Ryback.

Manifestation through Custom Sigil Hypnosis Magick - The Mindful Mage®

Create Personalized Symbols to Manifest Your Desires

Our Custom Sigils created by Rev. Devin Ryback are offered remotely only, and delivered as a digital downloadable file.

The optional Live Magick Session is offered both remotely (phone / Zoom) and in person (Ithaca, NY).

This is one of our most favorite services to offer, because it is explicitly magickal.

First, let's tell you what a sigil is (in case you don't already know).

What is a sigil?

A sigil (pronounced like the "g" in "magick") is a special symbol designed to create a specific effect in the world.

You can make a sigil for any intention, goal, or desire, such as:

  • Bringing more money into your wallet or bank account
  • Finding a romantic partner who is a good match for you
  • Getting hired or promoted to the job you want
  • Virtually anything within the realm of possibility

How does a sigil work?

By magick, of course.

Moving on...

. . .

Alright, alright. We'll say just a bit more about this here.

Essentially, a sigil captures the essence of a specific intention, and programs the universe to create the result of that intention.

A sigil is a translation of an intention in the conscious mind, into a symbol understood by the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind then communicates this intention to the rest of the universe, and...


Why this works is a completely different question, and not we nor anyone else is entirely qualified to answer it.

What does our Custom Sigil Magick service look like?

This service is very simple. To get your Custom Sigil, just leave a note when you're checking out in our store with the following information:

  1. Your full name — make sure there are no spelling errors!
  2. One sentence explaining your intention / goal / desire — be specific!
  3. That's it!

Rev. Devin will take care of the rest.

Along with your Custom Sigil, you will also receive instructions for how to use it for the greatest effect.

Live Magick Session

You also have the option to book a live session with Rev. Devin in which he will make your custom sigil with you, and also teach you how to make your own sigils.

How much does Custom Sigil Magick cost?

Custom Sigil — $100

With Live Magick Session — $150

Custom Sigil Magick

$100 – $150

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