Divination Session

Book a divination session with Rev. Devin Ryback for valuable insights and guidance, tapping into ancient wisdom to answer your questions.

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Tap into Ancient Wisdom and Uncover the Answers You Seek

Our Divination service with Rev. Devin Ryback is offered both in person (Ithaca, NY) and remotely (phone / Zoom).

We love our Divination service.

We love all of the services we offer, and especially the explicitly magickal ones, like Divination, Custom Sigils, and Sacred Element Coaching™.

Let's dive right in.

What is Divination?

Divination is typically thought of as a way to see through time.

You might imagine a fortune teller gazing into a crystal ball, or special cards fanned out across a small table, with wispy trails of incense drifting through the air...

We don't do that.

We do divination a bit differently.

A lot differently, actually.

How The Mindful Mage does Divination

We take a much more creative approach to navigating your destiny.

Rather than look into a crystal ball, or draw tarot cards, or cast runes for you...

We show you how to do it yourself!

Rev. Devin does, that is.

You know, using divination tools like those is not the only way to divine.

The entire Universe is speaking to you in every moment.
We can teach you how to listen.

Questions & Answers

Rather than using his tools to answer the questions you may have, Rev. Devin teaches you how to ask questions — the magickal way — and how to listen for the answers.

We think the typical divination approach does no justice to you as a beautiful sovereign free-will being of pure cosmic energy.

The Divine is flowing through you and all things always!

Our Divination service is about teaching you how to connect to that Divine Spirit in a personal way, so that you can commune with it all on your own.

How much does a Divination Session cost?

60-Minute Session — $60

We offer discounts on bundles of sessions.

Divination Session

$88 – $111

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