Personal Coaching Services

Empowering services from Rev. Devin Ryback, The Mindful Mage. Hypnosis, magick, mindfulness, energy healing, spiritual counseling, and more.

Empowering Services - Personal Coaching Hypnosis & Magick - The Mindful Mage®

Transformative Experiences Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a selection of empowering services. Some are offered in person (Ithaca, NY), some are offered remotely (phone / Zoom), and some both.

Please keep in mind that hypnosis, energy healing, spiritual counseling, and other such metaphysical and alternative healing modalities are to be used alongside — not to replace — modern medical and psychiatric modalities as needed.

Rev. Devin Ryback, The Mindful Mage, is not a licensed medical practitioner, nor a licensed mental health practitioner. He is a Personal Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, and Energy Healer.

With this in mind, explore our current offerings below ⚡️

Mindfulness Integration Therapy™

$1,614 – $14,736

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Energy Healing - Intuitive Qigong™

$40 – $150

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Integration Session

$127 – $1,144

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Spiritual Counseling

$60 – $510

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Divination Session

$88 – $111

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Discovery Session


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Custom Sigil Magick

$100 – $150

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Hypnosis Therapy

$300 – $1,800

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Custom Hypnosis Recording

$100 – $210

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Past Life Regression

$222 – $555

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Custom Meditation Recording

$30 – $160

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