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Experience transformative energy healing with Rev. Devin Ryback. Restore balance, vitality, and well-being. Learn Intuitive Qigong™.

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Restore Balance and Vitality in Your Life with Intuitive Qigong™

Energy Healing with Rev. Devin Ryback is offered both in person (Ithaca, NY) and remotely (phone / Zoom).

Rev. Devin Ryback draws from many traditions and over a decade of practice in the spiritual and metaphysical healing arts to provide holistic healing experiences for any condition — especially such conditions for which modern allopathic and pharmacological modalities have little or no remedial effect.

Rev. Devin's energy healing methods combine elements of qigong, shamanism, and sexual energy techniques to generate positive changes in body, mind, and spirit.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is a method and practice for working directly with the life force energy in and around the body. This life force energy is called qi (pronounced "chee").

Everything in this universe contains qi in one form or another. By learning and practicing qigong, you can cultivate your personal qi, thus cultivating more vitality and joy in yourself and your life.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a way of working with this same energy, which we might call spirit, from the perspective that spirit is a living energy which animates all things. Animism is one element of shamanism.

By seeing all things as animate, alive, and conscious in their own way, you can learn to communicate with all things more intimately, fill yourself with gratitude, and deepen your reverence for life.

What is Sexual Energy?

Sexual energy is qi is spirit is life force energy, though it has a different, and more vital, flavor.

When we tell of "sexual" energy, we mean that energy which activates when you feel aroused and impassioned. This often happens when you see or experience someone to whom you feel sexual attraction.

However, there is fundamentally no difference between sexual energy and all other kinds of life force energy — because it's all one energy.

By learning how to cultivate and channel your sexual energy more intentionally, you can express more influence and authenticity in your life, and enhance your vitality exponentially.

What does an Energy Healing session look like?

Energy Healing is perhaps the most limitless service we offer. Because of Rev. Devin's deep intuitive perception and his experience navigating metaphysical space, we are ready to go in whichever direction is most beneficial for your healing.

Here are a few approaches we might explore during a session:

Hands-on healing

During an in-person session, Rev. Devin is able to offer physical touch as a part of your energy healing session, much like the "laying on of hands" approach offered by some healing practitioners.

Shamanic instruments

Especially during and in-person session Rev. Devin may use a variety of shamanic tools to move the energy, such as smudging herbs, feather fans, drums, rattles, and crystals.

Guided visualization

Whether in person or remote, Rev. Devin may guide you in visualizing, imagining, and perceiving different forms of energy moving in and around your body to the places which need healing.

Sound healing

Sound is also energy! During an energy healing session, Rev. Devin may use intuitive sounds and singing to help move energy where is needs to go. He may ask that you join him in making these sounds, to create your own healing vibration.

Guided qigong

Rev. Devin may educate you about qigong and guide you in practicing Intuitive Qigong™ during your session, so that you can being what you learn into your own healing practice outside of session.

How much does Energy Healing cost?

30-Minute Session — $40.

60-Minute Session — $60.

We offer discounts on bundles of sessions.

Energy Healing - Intuitive Qigong™

$40 – $120

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