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Tap into the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis Therapy with Rev. Devin Ryback is offered in person only (Ithaca, NY).

Rev. Devin Ryback has received some of the best clinical hypnotherapy training available in the world. He attended the 500-hour intensive program at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, and is now highly trained and practiced in the Integral Hypnotherapy™ method. From the HAA website:

"Integral Hypnotherapy™ is the complete hypnotherapy systemintegrates classical hypnotherapy with modern techniques. It also integrates perennial wisdom traditions, philosophical counseling, life skills coaching and applied mind sciences."

Hypnosis is just one of the tools that Rev. Devin uses in his transformative personal coaching work. Mindfulness and magick are the two other prominent tools he uses to help people unlock subconscious potential, break through limiting beliefs, and create positive change in their lives.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural process of the mind through which one's beliefs and worldview can be changed. There is nothing special about hypnosis — you and everyone else are already hypnotized since childhood.

Your parents, your teachers, your friends, your priests, your doctors, your television, your books…

Absolutely everything is affecting and influencing your mind, all of the time.

Rev. Devin's role as a hypnotist is to un-hypnotize you, and help you to reclaim your conscious power to influence your life more directly.

What can you do with hypnosis?

The short answer is: anything — within the limits of our universe.

Because hypnosis is a process of working with the mind, and because the mind is virtually your only limit in this life, we can use hypnosis to achieve anything you desire.

Whatever your intention is, we can use hypnosis to help you realize and materialize that intention in your life.

With hypnosis we can:

  • Relieve chronic pain
  • Relieve chronic stress
  • Sleep more restfully
  • Experience deep relaxation
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Accelerate physical healing
  • Work through trauma
  • Enhance performance in any area
  • Change addictive behavior
  • Manifest desires
  • Achieve goals more swiftly
  • And so much more
Your mind is the limit, and we can change that limit using hypnosis.

Will hypnosis work for me?

Yes. If you have a brain and a mind with proper cognitive function and sense of self, hypnosis will work for you.

And that's because it's not hypnosis that "works" — it's you and your mind.

Hypnosis is merely a process. A natural process which happens all on its own as a normal function of the mind and brain.

We know that hypnosis has worked for you because you are already hypnotized!

Between the ages of 0 and 7 years old, children are in a developmental phase which is virtually identical to hypnotic trance.

This is when many fundamental beliefs are installed in your mind (without your conscious awareness).

You believe what you believe precisely because hypnosis works for you. And now, you have the opportunity to use hypnosis consciously and intentionally to change your unconscious beliefs and reclaim your personal power.

What is it like to do Hypnosis Therapy with Rev. Devin Ryback?

Just the best. (If you're asking me — hi, Rev. Devin here).

There's nothing else like it.

Rev. Devin had an interest in hypnosis since childhood, long before he became The Mindful Mage. His fascination with the mind and the human psyche led him to study psychology, philosophy, and holistic wellness in undergraduate school to earn a B.A. in Integrative Healing, followed by 500 hours of clinical hypnotherapy training and certification (not to mention countless hours of soul searching and powerful personal development and spiritual work, which continues to this day).

Because of Rev. Devin's extensive training and practice in hypnotherapy, mental health, and metaphysical studies, a Hypnosis Therapy session with him is unlike working with a typical hypnotist or hypnotherapist.

Each session is held with infinite empathy and compassion, and intuitively guided from a place of wisdom cultivated through over a decade of mindfulness, meditation, and magical practice.

No two session are alike. They are as unique as the people Rev. Devin works with. And people who do this work with him leave each session feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready for whatever life has in store for them.

Part healing, part education: our work together is designed to end

One of the most exceptional and wonderful things about hypnotherapy work is that it is temporary.

Unlike conventional therapy which can go on for many years, hypnotherapy is a short-term intervention which breaks through limiting patterns directly and gracefully, leading to swift and lasting positive change.

By doing Hypnosis Therapy with Rev. Devin, you not only receive the benefits of being guided by a highly trained and well practiced professional Certified Hypnotist.

You also learn how to do this hypnosis work for yourself!

Thus, after your work with us is complete, you will have all the knowledge and skills you need to continue practicing self-hypnosis on your own. You will be fully equipped to walk your path of personal development feeling empowered and capable of meeting new challenges with courage and grace.

How long does it take for hypnosis to work?

As we said, it's not hypnosis that works — it's you!

The more sincere you are about doing this hypnosis work, the more swiftly and gracefully you will experience positive change.

This also depends on the scale of your intention, your desire, or your goal. In this reality, things take time. They take less time when we remove mental limits using hypnosis.

You will experience positive change during and after the first session. Long-term positive change, however, takes sincere practice and persistence. Rev. Devin is your guide on this journey of self-transformation.

Why should I do Hypnosis Therapy with Rev. Devin Ryback?

This seems like 2 questions:

  1. Why should I do hypnosis work, and
  2. Why should I work with The Mindful Mage rather than someone else.

We have answered both of these questions, and really, the really real answer is:

Because you want to.

If you really want to, that is, and if you feel called to do this work here and now with Rev. Devin.

For no other reason should you do hypnosis therapy with us.

Don't do hypnosis work with The Mindful Mage if you don't feel aligned with Rev. Devin and his work.

Don't do hypnosis work with The Mindful Mage if you don't want to — even if someone else thinks you should.

Don't do hypnosis work with The Mindful Mage if you are not willing to do the necessary work to create positive change.

Magic is real, but hypnosis is not a magic wand. There is work involved in changing your mind and changing your life.

If you are truly sincere and ready to commit to this work...

Do this hypnosis work with Rev. Devin Ryback.

So what does the whole Hypnosis Therapy process look like?

Here's the nitty gritty of what it looks like to do hypnosis therapy with Rev. Devin Ryback, including the duration of each session, how many sessions, what will be accomplished and focused on in each session, the cost of your sessions, and any other deliverables that are included within the scope of your work with us.

Duration of your Hypnosis Therapy work

We recommend more than 1 session – 3 or more, really – for everyone, no matter what the issue, situation, or intention.

You can certainly have a good experience with just 1 session, but to really make the changes you desire to make, it's most beneficial to commit to 3 or more. Most people see the success they want in 7–10 sessions.

  • Each session is 60–90 minutes long.
  • We highly suggest 1 session per week.
  • We highly suggest no more than 10 days and no less than 4 days between sessions, or efficacy may be negatively affected.

Structure of your hypnosis therapy work

Here's an outline of our standard hypnosis therapy session progression:

  1. Session 1 — Your first session is about building trust, making a personal connection, and demystifying hypnosis to help you feel more at ease.
  2. Session 2 — In your second session, we practice entering trance and create some positive affirmations to help you toward your positive change. We also teach you how to practice self-hypnosis.
  3. Session 3 — We go deeper in your third session, using those positive affirmations to install new beliefs in your unconscious mind.
  4. Session 4 — By your fourth session, you are already feeling positive changes happen. Now we get to play with any resistance that arises within you, to help even the parts of you who don't want to change, change.
  5. Session 5 — Your fifth session is when we can address any deeper resistance that arises. Here we might do some regression and integration work.
  6. Session 6 — Past Life Regression is an excellent tool to use in your sixth session, especially if some old stuck patterns seem not to be connected to anything from your past in this life.
  7. Session 7 — By your seventh session and beyond, you are experiencing positive changes in your life. Now we explore anything that feels unresolved, resolve it, and send you on your way into your new self.

You are vast, deep, and mysterious. There's really no telling what may appear for you in a hypnosis therapy session, so your unique personal session path may look different than this one as we adjust and accommodate to your needs.

Throughout your work with Rev. Devin, you will receive special tools and assignments to accelerate your positive change outside of session. These are included in the pricing list below.

Pricing of your Hypnosis Therapy work

Bundled sessions must be used within 4 months of purchase. Cancellation, rescheduling, and refunding of sessions and session bundles are not guaranteed, and occur on a case-by-case basis.

We do not accept insurance.

1 Single Session — $300

  • 1 x Custom Hypnosis Recording (MP3)
  • 1 x Custom Affirmation Recording (MP3)
  • 1 x Custom Affirmation Guide (PDF)
  • 1 x Self-Hypnosis Guide (PDF)

Bundle of 3 Sessions — $600

  • 1 x Custom Hypnosis Recording (MP3)
  • 1 x Custom Affirmation Recording (MP3)
  • 1 x Custom Affirmation Guide (PDF)
  • 1 x Self-Hypnosis Guide (PDF)

Bundle of 7 Sessions — $1350

  • 2 x Custom Hypnosis Recording (MP3)
  • 2 x Custom Affirmation Recording (MP3)
  • 2 x Custom Affirmation Guide (PDF)
  • 1 x Self-Hypnosis Guide (PDF)

Bundle of 10 Sessions — $1800

  • 3 x Custom Hypnosis Recording (MP3)
  • 3 x Custom Affirmation Recording (MP3)
  • 3 x Custom Affirmation Guide (PDF)
  • 1 x Self-Hypnosis Guide (PDF)

Hypnosis Therapy Session

$300 – $1,800

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