Integration Session

Rev. Devin Ryback helps you heal trauma and integrate grief, death, loss, relationship breakups, psychedelics, mid-life crisis, and more.

Integration Session - Make Meaning Heal Trauma - The Mindful Mage®

Heal Trauma and Make Meaning of Powerful Experiences

Because the nature of this work is deep and powerful, our Integration service with Rev. Devin Ryback is offers in person only (Ithaca, NY).

Our Integration sessions are designed to hold space for integrating powerful experiences such as:

  • Psychedelic experiences
  • Near-death experiences
  • Out of body experiences
  • Supernatural experiences
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Grief, death, and loss experiences
  • Relationship breakups
  • Relationship transitions
  • Mid-life crises
  • Existential crises

This Integration service is included as a part of our Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ service.

What is "integration?"

Life happens. Trauma happens. Something far beyond the edge of your worldview happens.

How do you make sense of it?

This is integration.

When you have an experience that is so big that it doesn't fit into how you perceive the world, doesn't fit into your belief system, or doesn't fit into what you thought you would ever be ready for—

—it can be a lot to digest.

Rev. Devin helps you to digest, to integrate — to make meaning of this powerful experience.

When you integrate an experience that was bigger than you, you are able to make meaning of it.

And when you are able to make meaning of it, you realize that you are bigger than you thought you were.

You expand into the infinite reaches of your soul.

How much does an Integration session cost?

90-Minute Session - $127

We offer discounts on bundles of sessions.

Integration Session

$127 – $1,144

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