Mindfulness Integration Therapy™

Hone your mind and heal your trauma using Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ with Rev. Devin Ryback. Experience inner peace and holistic wellbeing.

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Hone Your Mind and Heal Your Trauma with Mindfulness Integration Therapy™

Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ with Rev. Devin Ryback is offered in person (Ithaca, NY) and remotely (phone / Zoom).

Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ is an innovative therapeutic approach created by Rev. Devin Ryback which combines various mindfulness and meditation techniques with a hybrid live / recorded session pattern to facilitate steady healing and deep integration of life's challenges.

MIT is an excellent modality for navigating such challenges as:

  • Engrained patterns of trauma and stress
  • Unhealed grief
  • Engrained patterns of addiction
  • Unintegrated traumatic experiences
  • Chronic anxiety, worry, and stress
  • Struggle with maintaining focus
  • Powerful experiences beyond ordinary reality

Why Mindfulness Integration Therapy™?

Rev. Devin Ryback has over a decade of mindfulness, meditation, and trauma integration experience. Over the past 10+ years he has honed this technique using his own body and mind as the laboratory.

While there are many apps and programs available to help you begin and maintain a mindfulness practice, Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ gives you the opportunity to work directly with Rev. Devin, a man who is truly committed to a deeper spiritual healing path.

When compared with conventional talk-style therapy, MIT is far more immersive and integrates more deeply with your daily life because of its hybrid live / recorded structure.

As you progress through your healing journey with Rev. Devin, the recorded meditation sessions — and your mindfulness practice — grow and evolve with you.

What does Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ look like?

MIT is unique in that it uses a hybrid approach that combines live sessions and recorded sessions.

The live sessions are longer integration sessions (60 minutes), and the recorded sessions are shorter guided meditation sessions (10–20 minutes).

What really sets MIT apart from using apps for mindfulness or relaxation, is that each guided meditation session is custom made for you and your unique healing pathand you get to keep every one of them for your own personal use, anytime.

MIT works by practicing and building mindfulness and meditation skills over time, laying a strong foundation for lifelong joy and inner peace.

Slow and steady, deep and thorough. This is about constructing new habits and patterns in the mind and body, which takes time, effort, and commitment.

Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ Options

There are 3 durations of MIT, and each duration has 3 meditation frequencies, for a total of 9 MIT options.

Every option includes weekly Integration Sessions.

The 3 MIT Durations are:

  1. 3 Months
  2. 9 Months
  3. 12 Months

The 3 MIT Frequencies are:

  1. New Meditations Monthly
  2. New Meditations Weekly
  3. New Meditations Daily

The 9 MIT Options are:

  1. 3 Months, Monthly Meditations | 12 Integration Sessions, 3 Meditations
  2. 3 Months, Weekly Meditations | 12 Integration Sessions, 12 Meditations
  3. 3 Months, Daily Meditations | 12 Integration Sessions, 72 Meditations
  4. 9 Months, Monthly Meditations | 36 Integration Sessions, 9 Meditations
  5. 9 Months, Weekly Meditations | 36 Integration Sessions, 36 Meditations
  6. 9 Months, Daily Meditations | 36 Integration Sessions, 216 Meditations
  7. 12 Months, Monthly Meditations | 48 Integration Sessions, 12 Meditations
  8. 12 Months, Weekly Meditations | 48 Integration Sessions, 48 Meditations
  9. 12 Months, Daily Meditations | 48 Integration Sessions, 288 Meditations

Structure of Mindfulness Integration Therapy™

Let's explore MIT Option 6: 9 months with new meditations daily.

We begin with an Integration Session, follow that with 1 new meditation for each of 6 remaining days in that week, and repeat this cycle for 9 months, like this:

  1. Day 1: Integration 1 (Live)
  2. Day 2: Meditation 1 (Recorded)
  3. Day 3: Meditation 2 (Recorded)
  4. Day 4: Meditation 3 (Recorded)
  5. Day 5: Meditation 4 (Recorded)
  6. Day 6: Meditation 5 (Recorded)
  7. Day 7: Meditation 6 (Recorded)
  8. Day 8: Integration 2 (Live)
  9. Day 9: Meditation 7 (Recorded)
  10. Day 10: Meditation 8 (Recorded)
  11. And so on...

The success of Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ depends on consistency and continual recommitment to the process.

This means practicing every day using the provided custom guided meditations, and showing up every week for the Integration Sessions.

How much does Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ cost?

Integration Sessions are $127 per 60-minute session.

Custom Meditations are $30 per 10—20-minute meditation.

Using the example above, here is the total cost of MIT Option 6:

  • 36 Integration Sessions = $4,572
  • 216 Custom Meditations = $6,480
  • MIT Option 6 Total = $11,052

Compare this to the cost of conventional therapy

Here is the total cost of just 2 years of conventional talk-style therapy, with weekly 55-minute sessions and the same price of $127 per session:

$127 x 52 Weeks x 2 Years = $13,208

With 2 years of this conventional therapy approach, you get 104, 55-minute sessions, by the end of which you may or may not have achieved the healing results you desired.

With Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ Option 6, you get 216 daily custom guided meditations to keep and use forever.

You also get 36, 60-minute Integration Sessions to guide your deep healing journey into a more mindful, meaningful, joyful life.

And that all happens in just 9 months.

Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ works

We know that MIT works because Rev. Devin Ryback used this same system to completely heal his own trauma, depression, and associated physical symptoms, all while enhancing his joy, inner peace, and vitality.

Rev. Devin has honed and improved this system over the last decade, making it even more effective than when he used it to heal himself.

If you are ready to hone your mind, heal your trauma, and experience an abundance of joy and inner peace in your life, then committing to Mindfulness Integration Therapy™ is your next step forward.

Mindfulness Integration Therapy™

$1,614 – $14,736

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