Past Life Regression Session

Explore your soul's journey with a past life regression session guided by Rev. Devin Ryback. Gain insights and healing.

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Explore the Depths of Your Soul's Journey

Past Life Regression with Rev. Devin Ryback is offered in person only (Ithaca, NY).

Before we go deeper into our Past Life Regression service, it's important for you to know this:

Whether past lives are "real" or not, doesn't matter.

Past Life Regression is a modality that provides a story-based context for working through pain and issues in your present life.

Now, is your past life experience a "true story?"

That's for you to know.

What are "past lives?"

At this moment, you as your soul are living this present life, right now, with your body, your mind, and your spirit. This is called an incarnation.

A past life is an incarnation that you as your soul have experienced before this life. This means that you as your soul were living a life with a different body, a different mind, and a different spirit.

There are varying ideas about how time works, and what "past" really means. Here at The Mindful Mage®, we understand that time is non-linear, and every moment in the entire existence of the universe is happening right now (this is why a daily mindfulness practice is so useful).

This being the case, your most recent "past" life could have been 3000 years in the future, relative to where your present life is on this collective Earth timeline. "Past life" applies not to this collective timeline, but to your own personal soul timeline. It could have been just one generation ago, 100 generations ago, or 100 generations into our future.

What does Past Life Regression look like?

PLR uses hypnosis to guide you into a deeply relaxed and grounded awareness. This leads into a guided journey through a portal into the past life which is most relevant and helpful to your present life at this time.

Because PLR uses hypnosis to enter a trance state, your PLR experience will be deeper and more successful if you already have some hypnosis experience, or previous practice entering trance.

Thus, it's recommended that you see Rev. Devin for hypnotherapy before exploring Past Life Regression, or commit to a few PLR sessions to deepen your experience.

Each PLR session is 60–90 minutes in duration.

Beyond that, what your session looks like is as unique as your soul's journey!

Why use Past Life Regression?

In a therapeutic context

We use Past Life Regression to alleviate symptoms and resolve issues which seem to have no basis or cause in this present life.

Such symptoms and issues could be:

  • Irrational fears with no relevant cause (a fear of dogs without traumatic experiences with dogs in this life)
  • Stuck repeating harmful patterns with no relevant cause (alcohol addiction without history of addiction in family and no significant trauma in childhood)
  • Physiological dis-ease with no relevant cause (chronic nerve pain that doesn't respond to modern allopathic medicine nor other alternative healing modalities)
  • Harmful relationship dynamics with no relevant cause (continual conflicts without obvious reason and without relevant personal childhood trauma)

In an exploratory context

We use Past Life Regression to expand the mind and nourish the spirit.

Such reasons to explore could be:

  • Gathering positive resources and knowledge from other lives to apply in your present
  • Improving your relationships by experiencing how you were connected in other lives
  • Connecting with yourself and your soul at a deeper level

How much does a Past Life Regression session cost?

Each 60–90-minute PLR session costs $222.

We offer discounts on bundles of sessions.

Past Life Regression Session

$222 – $555

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