Discovery Session

Experience this initiatory session with Rev. Devin Ryback to gain clarity, uncover hidden aspects, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Discover Your True Self - Discovery Session - The Mindful Mage®

Uncover Hidden Aspects of Yourself and Gain Clarity

Discovery sessions with Rev. Devin Ryback are offered both in person (Ithaca, NY) and remotely (phone / Zoom).

A Discovery session with Rev. Devin is a little slice of personal coaching pie.

It's a taste of what it would be like to enter a personal coaching relationship with Rev. Devin — which is a big commitment.

That's we we like to offer these Discovery sessions.

Much smaller commitment, and still a powerful experience.

What happens during a Discovery session?

A lot can happen. These sessions are 2 hours in duration, and quite intensive.

Discovery sessions are for those people who really want to get to the bottom of it, and find the root cause of the patterns that keep them stuck.

In other words — we don't mess around here.

There may be discomfort as Rev. Devin pokes around the bubble of your comfort zone and invites you to take more responsibility for the way your life is going.

This is good.

This is how positive change really happens.

And it's all done with great compassion and unconditional love.

Why see Rev. Devin for a Discovery session?

Because you want to know who you really are, and how to align your life with who you really are.

Whatever it takes to help you see where and how you are blocking yourself from stepping into empowered authenticity, Rev. Devin is willing to go there with you.

This is a Big Step. Most people aren't ready to take this step.

If you think you are ready, then please go ahead and see Rev. Devin for a Discovery session.

If you think you are ready for positive change... and you aren't sure if you want to take the BIG step just yet, then we encourage you to explore our other services, such as:

How much does a Discovery session cost?

2-Hour Discovery Session — $253

Discovery Session


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