Spiritual Counseling Session

Book a spiritual counseling session with Rev. Devin Ryback to create a personal connection with Divinity and receive wise guidance from within.

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Strengthen Your Personal Relationship with Divinity

Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Devin Ryback is offered in person (Ithaca, NY) and remotely (phone / Zoom).

God, Goddess, Source, Creator, Higher Power, The Universe, Great Spirit...

No matter what you call it, there is a Divine Power flowing through all things, and all things are an expression of this Divine Power.

That includes you, of course.

Have you forgotten (again)?

Well, it's time to remember!

What does Spiritual Counseling look like?

It looks like feeling into and talking about whatever may be on your heart or bouncing about in your head at the time.

Your Spiritual Counseling session with Rev. Devin is an opportunity to really let loose and be vulnerable about anything that's been bothering you, anything that you're happy about, anything you've discovered about yourself or the world — anything at all.

No matter what you feel like you need or want to talk about, Rev. Devin is here to listen deeply and reflect pure unconditional love and compassion back at you, to help you remember your own personal connection with the Great Divine.

Who is Spiritual Counseling for?

Rev. Devin's Spiritual Counseling service is for absolutely anyone with a body, mind, and spirit, who wants to be seen, heard, and supported in their complete authenticity and reminded that they are forever loved and connected to the Great Divine.

How much does Spiritual Counseling cost?

Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Devin costs $1 per minute.

So, $60 per 1-hour session.

We offer discounts on bundles of sessions.

Spiritual Counseling Session

$60 – $510

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