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Dr. Carolyn Elliott, PhD / Author of Existential Kink / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Before working with Devin, I was struggling to relax and feel confident going into a major event that I was about to lead. I usually don't have any problems with nervousness, so this struggle before this major event was shocking to me and a big deal, probably arising because the event was so deeply connected to my life's purpose.

I was feeling uptight, frustrated, very irritated with one of my primary collaborators, and a bit forlorn.

I decided to have a session with Devin because I wanted concentrated help on getting out of my head and into my body so I could be fully present and open as I led the event.

Devin's work was very different from any other hypnosis or coaching that I've received... simultaneously more gentle and more penetrating than some other hypnotists I've worked with...

... I guess I would see that difference in the skillful & embracing way that Devin held the container, in a manner that was both decisive, firm, and also all-inclusive of our interaction.

The approach felt distinctly nondual to me, in a way that I found relaxing and entertaining, since... well, since nonduality is the actual truth of everything anyways, it's refreshing to work with someone who knows how to acknowledge and hold that very well.

Interestingly, I know that Devin opened the container of our session by invoking our Higher Selves... and then I have no memory of our conversation in our session subsequent to that, which shows me how much it somehow went right into my unconscious.

I realized that the work Devin and I did together was actually totally working to solve my problem when during the flow of the weekend event that I was leading I realized that I was having a marvelous time, totally in the flow, feeling fully heart-open, and not feeling worried or up in my head AT ALL.

In other words, I got exactly what I asked him for help with, and given how uptight I was previously, I don't even know how exactly it came to be other than: magick.

Now that the problem has been solved, I'm enjoying an expanded sense of what's possible with group work, space-holding, and with hypnosis itself, and basking in the glow of a delightful event with many more to come.

I'm very grateful to Devin for this marvelous help, and I highly recommend that you go ahead and sign up to work with him if you'd like to similarly enrich your life.

Stas Taraschansky / New York

I first met Devin at one of his workshops, where he shared his extensive knowledge of hypnosis and its practical application. After the workshop, I talked to Devin, and he was kind enough not only to address all the questions I had, but offer guidance on the next steps for me to take. I immediately connected with his way of explaining things on "all levels." Devin had an answer for every single question that I had that resonated with me 100%. Soon after the workshop, I hired Devin as a hypnotist and a coach.

The main issue that drew me to the workshop was that I could not hack my obsessive subconscious thoughts, reactions and behaviors no matter what I tried, and I tried a lot of different modalities. From the very first session, we established good rappor and were able to dive deep into suppressed subconscious urges, beliefs and personal lies and bring back insights and practical solutions, thanks to Devin's intuitive guidance, openness, fearless exploration of challenging material that came up and the humor (where applicable) that helped me navigate even the darkest corners of my subconsciousness. I felt supported throughout the time we worked together with regular checkins and follow ups.

I really appreciate Devin's book recommendations and advice that helped me integrate solutions and revelations I had during hypnosis sessions into my everyday life. Every session I had was full of insights and fun. One of the most important gifts I received from Devin was a practical application of the phrase "where attention goes, energy flows" I saw that happening quickly before my eyes, and that's priceless.

Paige Stark

Thank you Devin, This was really healing for me. I learn things each session with you that I didn't know were even possible.

When I found The Mindful Mage, I was just super curious about hypnosis and wanted to experience it. As I listened to the hypnoaudios I quickly started seeing real changes in my life and I realized that there might be no limit to the things I could work on. Specifically I wanted help with my relationship with my three-year-old son, best described as an over attachment/codependency. For the past two years it was clear that we had an unhealthy relationship that was having negative effects on my whole family. I felt helpless and the problem felt like something I could see, but It was out of my reach to change. Immediately after my session with Devin, I felt a sense of healing that was starting to take place in myself and I felt a new sense of awareness of my love for my son as a part of myself. I felt like I was now able to communicate my love to him on a level that wasn’t getting through before. Over a weeks time I saw him change into a happier more secure little boy. I’m simply blown away at how effective the Devin and David’s work is. It works like a seed planted in the ground. You can’t see what’s going on but you know the seed is there. Then one day it sprouts up in the most natural graceful way in your life. I feel so grateful to have found them and excited to continue exploring the possibilities available to me.

GuruNischan Khalsa

Thank you Devin Ryback for a very deep and emotional Hypnosis Session. He gifted me this session from a Gift Circle and the intention was for inner child integration and grounding. It was my first hypnosis session ever. I was left with a deeply rich and grounded buoyed effortless playful energy. And still deeply integrating this work. I’m so grateful. Thank you.

Kayti McGee


I’m honestly mindblown. He totally changed my whole perspective on how to think about the way my lil ADHD mind relaxes and I’m never going to eyeroll at diehard meditators ever again because I CAN DO IT TOO NOW

Bianca Mugyenyi / Montreal, Canada

I had a hypnosis session with Devin to address unhealthy emotional eating as a coping mechanism for overwhelming sensations and situations. Devin guided me through a soothing, powerful experience that allowed me to access and dialogue with the emotional core of this pattern. We created a new beautiful ritual for me to turn to when triggered. It was a transformative, empowering and deeply affirming experience and I would not hesitate to recommend Devin.

Steven Robert Carlson

Devin brings to his hypnosis practice a quality of listening that holds a space for his client to experience their own healing. I asked Devin to address the issue of writer's block, which has been a lifelong challenge. He offered me a simple hypnotic anchor, which has proven useful and which I continue to use. Thank you, thank you!

Marina McQueen / Cambridge, United Kingdom

Devin, I wanted to work with you because I was intrigued by your work and your presence on WEALTH. My session was enlightening, expansive and encouraging. You showed me a direction that was beyond my awareness and it enthused me greatly. Since my session, I have been working on creating the path towards the exciting thing. I feel relaxed and focused and confident I am on the right path. A pretty wonderful sensation that I enjoy daily! Thank you :-)

Aimee Kartzman / Middletown, California

Devin, thank you!!! I was so amazed at your level of presence and connection. You were so with me through the whole session. I LOVE the way you are approaching coaching – with your fluidity and gentle mirror. Since our session, I am able to feel a happy embrace to those areas of stuck-ness and doubts that we considered. You have a real gift as you brought such great insight and feeling. I truly feel SO served by our time together.

Chanelle Birks

I just had an AMAZING hypnosis session with Devin Ryback of the Wealth community. He put me in touch with the deepest most vulnerable parts of myself that have been yearning for attention. I believe this hypnosis experience will alleviate the Hindrances to my Powers. Thank you Devin, for the beautiful gift!

Sonya Louise / Vero Beach, Florida

Thank you, Devin Ryback for a potent transformational coaching session!! I printed out your notes and posted the sheet on my wall above my book inline material. Especially useful is the “path” diagram. I only need to glance at it, and all of the wisdom we uncovered in session comes flowing in. It will serve as a touch point for the rest of my creative process on this book – and quite possibly every creative endeavor for the rest of my life. :) I am deeply grateful for our time together and the shift I have been invited to make. Of course it should be this way! It’s the application of everything I learned on the road. I don’t know how I could have missed it. That’s why it is so helpful to work with a coach, someone who can help you see what you are missing. Even with all of the insight I have gained, I still need someone outside of myself to help me see the obvious. Well done, Devin!

Melanie D. / Boston, Massachusetts

Devin has this ageless and assured wisdom about him that is instantly comforting and recognizable and will put you at ease immediately with him.

I spoke with him to get some guidance around changing a longtime habit of mine around routines and time management. It’s something that’s going to take a little time, but we talked about steps to take and how to break down the process.

I could say he’s a sounding board, I could say he’s a healer. But better yet, at least to me, he’s a great human mirror to reflect back what you need to hear or tell yourself. Yes, he asks the critical questions. But it’s about what you need, not to take the upper hand in the conversation. There’s a genuine concern and caring to him, and his subsequent check-ins to see how I was progressing were really appreciated.

After my session with him I feel like I have one of those landing lights like you see along an airport runway in the back of my brain. I know that sounds a little weird, but I find it comforting in that I know which direction I need to go to land my plane.

Ruby Starseed / California

Devin masterfully and creatively led me to the root of a stubborn negative belief buried deep in my childhood. I felt safe and comforted as he expertly guided me to create a new memory and a new healing belief. I feel liberated now with my powerful new healing affirmation, and a clearer path to being my full self. Thank you!

Tina Wallace / Smyrna, GA

Thank you so much for our session, Devin. I greatly appreciated the breadth of knowledge and tools you had to offer to help shift my perspective when needed. I felt safe knowing that you are grounded in a wealth of wisdom, so that I could let myself fall apart. But what I most loved about working with you was your presence, with its tremendous warmth, lightness, and clarity, and your ability to hold space in a way that felt very accepting and gentle.

I tend to want to chase my thoughts as they shift and double-back and flip to completely different perspectives, which can be hard for some people to follow. But you did so effortlessly, and also guided me back to touching in with my body and emotions, whenever my thoughts wanted to drag me too far away from being with my experience. And you held all of this with gentle humor and grace, not being too serious but still staying centered and present with me, which is something I appreciate.

One thing we talked about was how I value therapists/counselors/healers/etc who work from a knowing that their clients hold the capacity to heal themselves, if given the space and tools to allow that, rather than from coming from a position of disempowering superiority. And that is definitely a sense that I got from you, that you believe in the limitless potential of whomever you’re working with and your work is simply to help them access that. That in itself is a huge gift to be able to offer. I thank you for sharing that with me.

Lauren DeRusha / Boston, Massachusetts

Thank you Devin for the powerful hour-long session he gifted me. I felt compelled to take him up on this offer, though I could not cognitively figure out what I wanted to focus the session on. Devin held space for me and led a dropping in exercise, which led me immediately to what wanted to come out: challenges expressing my anger.

And so, off we went in the direction of accessing and expressing my inner ferocity. The session was a beautiful, emergent mix of conversation and embodiment exercises. What happened for me during the session? I felt like I found a channel/outlet for an inner, scary, shadowy, fierce creature that will FUCK YOU UP and that has not been allowed out of its cage very many times in my life. I felt turned on by my rage and practiced moving that energy around my whole body and field.

We landed with a 10 minutes-a-day regimen for me to get in touch with my inner ferocity. Day 1 of exercises after the session already turned up some powerful, difficult emotion that I had been suppressing in my relationship, and led to a profound and beautiful conversation with my partner. I can’t wait (and am a little nervous for, honestly) what a full week and beyond of this powerful embodiment exercise will bring and unveil for me. Thank you deeply, Devin!

I would call this session: Find your Ferocity.

Leo Stardust / Long Beach, Washington

Devin’s style is very laidback and conversational. I would recommend a session with Devin to someone who wants to be able to talk things out and have a friendly presence, a feeling of heart-to-heart and an exchange of experiences. It felt easy to talk and to bring up what I wanted to work through and I enjoyed Devin’s encouragement and prompts for further actions. His presence helped me bring up to the surface what I felt I already knew but wasn’t yet willing to say out loud.

Chris Jeffries / Seattle, Washington

I’d been actively doing transformative work on myself for a while, day in, day out. I was proud of my persistence, faithfully putting in my time at the inner gym. And, I was slowly growing more and more impatient, not just for clockable results, but even for opportunities to test out whether I’d made improvements. I couldn’t see where this was all going. Worse, I didn’t even have a clear idea what my desired outcome was.

I met with Devin, whom I didn’t know, and felt safe rambling on and on about it all. I spilled out more than I meant to, complaining, complaining, then complaining about complaining. Then I’d stop. And Devin would offer one simple statement, or brief question, that would upend my whole train of thought. That, on its own, was a big relief. I’d been running these scripts like a hamster on a wheel for a looooong time. I don’t know how Devin was able to just gently put a finger on the wheel to stop it spinning. But when it happened, I was really surprised about how much I could see about my situation that I couldn’t before. It was like lifting up the hood of a car, or opening the back of a computer, to see what’s making it run. I clearly saw, for the first time, some basic assumptions which I hadn’t voiced to myself consciously, but which had been acting as my personal operating system for years, if not always. And suddenly I wondered whether they were true. And whether I could maybe try to run my personal program from a different set of assumptions.

It was a lot. And it was scary. And exhilarating. We talked through how it was all those things. Devin shared a few of his own experiences and made a few suggestions – some I latched right onto, and some I can’t even remember now. And then it was over. And now, over 2 hours later, I’m still marveling at what’s come over me. There has been a tangible shift in my energetic field. Note: I am NOT someone who takes much notice of his “energetic field” or what it’s doing. It’s just not a regular frame of reference for me. But I’m hyper-aware of it right now, and without knowing why I know this, I can tell things have moved around from wherever it was they were. It feels like I’ve pressed a big “reset” button. Or made some kind of leap that’s landed me further than usual from where I was standing. I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out. And I’m so grateful to Devin, for holding space, for listening, and setting off a chain reaction that feels like an opening to new possibilities I wasn’t aware of before. Some things are clearer; others are still unclear, and I’m at peace with that. Someday I expect to look back on our session and say, “That was a real turning point… and I still don’t know how he did it.”

LaShanda Brown / Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Devin I am still lit up from our conversation yesterday! I so appreciate your process of deep listening and reflection. When you got me to that point of ‘So what is your decision?’ I’ve never felt so sure about something! Your process of conversation carefully untangled all of the back story. Then you grounded it in with the embodied check in. And from there the inner wisdom was loud and clear! If I had to name it something I would call it Tapping into the Sage Within. Or Meeting your Inner Sage. Especially once I had been in group circles with you and got to experience how you work with folks.

Nikki Davis / Phoenix, Arizona

What is sorely needed in our society + healing industries today is healthy masculine energy. Devin totally embodies this energy and his work reflects that.

Normally, I am a very reserved person and have only felt comfortable speaking with female healers/counselors, etc. about sexual trauma and harassment. Thus, this was the first time ever that I have felt safe, respected, and honored by healthy male energy around this topic. His attentiveness and cultivating this space for me allowed me to really express where I was in my healing journey. Additionally, his guidance + coaching (not counseling) allowed me to see where I could make tangible shifts in my life in order to really receive what it is that my heart desires. I left feeling empowered and excited about moving forward. It was a definitive shift in consciousness and perspective and I really appreciated his work, compassion, and beautiful energy.

Let’s face it. A lot of us on the healing path have done the self help route for years. Yet, the most dramatic changes come about when we work with a successful and compassionate healer, coach, etc. who is able to identify blind spots, etc . With that, I would consider Devin to be one of those and am excited to see what he continues to bring forward in his work.

Rev. Nadine Morsch / Schaghticoke, New York

Revealing my authentic concerns, deep doubts and daily gripes to Devin felt like being carried by a spirit guardian. In our time together, I came to an even deeper clarity of my own calling, alongside a deeper compassionate acceptance of my own “supposed” shortcomings. Devin becomes like a Mirror-Bowl, a space to hold my entire authentic being, reflected back to me with bright, joyful clarity. Devin has a depth of experience and awareness that intuitively and effortlessly holds resonant, non-judgemental space for his clients. I highly recommend a session with Devin to unravel your tangles, and to feel fully held, seen, and supported in your spiritual journey!

Nicole Elko / Ithaca, NY

I decided to do a hypnosis session with Devin because I was struggling with finding a place to live and it felt like a deeper pattern surfacing that was creating that blockage. I felt like I basically fell asleep during the session so was unsure of it’s efficacy. Literally within minutes of the session being done two places I’d applied to live had sent me approval emails! And the one I really wanted even offered to drop my rent $200 a month so that I could easily afford it! There’s much more than “hypnosis” going on with Devin. His presence is welcome, gentle, and yet dives deep. I feel working with him has helped me break patterns that long needed breaking! If you’re in need of big, small and lasting shifts…. his work will do that!

Zack M. / California

Devin proposed a hypnosis session to help me confront my chronic wrist pain, which was something that had a huge impact on my life and job as an artist. In the consultation before the actual hypnosis, I said something about wanting to do what I can to tackle the issue now, since it was only going to get worse five, ten, fifteen years down the line, as I got older. Devin stopped me right there and asked a question that ended up being genuinely transformative: “How do you know that?” I didn’t have an answer, but he had another question. “How do you know your pain won’t be completely gone by then?”

I had gone into the hypnosis experience skeptical, willing to try anything but unsure I’d achieve my goal of finding a new way to manage or reduce my pain. I left no longer accepting it as an inevitability, hopeful I could be rid of it entirely. The hypnosis itself was an incredibly rewarding and relaxing experience focused on helping me keep up a schedule of stretching and maintenance, which I realized I’d been neglecting through conversation with Devin. I carry feelings and imagery from the experience forward with me to this day and return to them regularly. It was only a single session conducted over the internet, but I genuinely use it as a before and after marker for two entirely different periods of my life. It’s been a few months since and with a combination of daily basic qigong stretches and a positive outlook I found in this experience, I am completely free of wrist pain. I was ready to heal and Devin was the push I needed.

Lisa Getter / Nantucket, MA

The reason I was looking for help was for a public speaking event I had coming up, and I must say that this worked! When I first met Devin, we chatted for a while about what I would like to get out of this experience. I quickly went into the hypnotized state as Devin has a great voice and I felt completely relaxed throughout. The suggestions that Devin gave me were what we had discussed before hand. It’s not very often that I have to stand up in public, but when I know that it is going to happen I will definitely call Devin again to help me get through it.

Erin Marie Sickler / Troy, New York

At the beginning of our session, I was sitting on some uncomfortable sensations, but I couldn’t name the source. I knew it had something to do with the desire to be successful in the new endeavors I was launching. With Devin’s assured and gentle guidance, I found I had been unable to speak some uncomfortable truths. I also received clear reassurance that I am on the right path. I am fairly self-aware, but Devin’s intuition led me to that place I couldn’t access. In the time since, I’ve been able be kinder to myself, knowing that my success is assured. I highly recommend him!

Dan McAbee, Capt. ALA Ret. / Seattle, Washington

I just wanted to thank you again for the great sessions we did together. I have done hypnosis before, but never as an active partner in the process. I still l have all the great feelings you helped me find in myself, and I can’t hardly believe how much more I enjoy my time on the golf course!

I used to get so irritated when I made an errant shot, but now, I just stay in the flow, taking pleasure in the challenge of the recover shot. I can’t hardly wait for the Handicap season to start this spring, if the way I played in Albuquerque after our sessions is any indication, I will easily lower my handicap by three to four strokes!!

Meeting and working with you is one of the highlights of my life. I am happily recommending you to anyone who would like to make an improvement of almost any type in their lives.

Thanks again.

Grace MacMillan / Laguna Beach, California

Devin is a gifted hypnotherapist. I worked with him several times and experienced deep and profound healing. He is fully engaged with his clients, very positive, supportive and creative in developing meaningful suggestions and imagery for the subconscious mind. I recommend Devin with no reservations!

Casey Petty / Colorado

I had suffered from a fear of criticism that significantly limited my potential as a musician. Through the power of hypnosis, Devin helped me overcome my fear. I now feel empowered and enthusiastic when performing for others. Hypnosis has proven to be an invaluable resource in my personal growth and happiness.

Luke P. / New York

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Devin. He is extremely insightful, calming, and comforting. He was adept at guiding me through my thoughts in a relaxing manner while also helping me work through negative emotions, and he truly listened to what I had to say.

In the worst times of my life, where I felt alone and scared, Devin empowered me to understand and control my emotions. I feel more secure and appreciate life in a whole new manner. If you are feeling stressed or just need a little help, I highly encourage you to contact him.

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