What is Magick?

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How do I do magick?

"What is magick?" and "how do I do magick?" are Big Questions.

There is truly so much to tell about this subject, and so much room for contradiction, that it would be easier to remain silent.

. . .

Indeed. Silence and secrecy are very important in the realms of magick and mystery.

We'll do our best to give you a precise peek 👀 into the magick of which we tell — the magick all around you.

First, let's get this little distinction out of the way:

Magic vs. Magick

What's up with spelling "magic" with a "k" these days?

The short answer is: to distinguish real magick from magic tricks.


Nowadays, the notion of a "magician" has become synonymous with someone who uses gimmicks, sleight of hand, and other such "tricks" to produce the illusion of something beyond what's possible, actually happening.

Even if the level of skill necessary to produce these illusions is very high, and even if the illusions are very convincing...

... you still know it's a "trick," even if you don't know how it was done.

We really like spelling magic without the "k," so we think it's a bit unfortunate that "magic" has become so enmeshed with "tricks."

Alas. We adapt.

Thus, "magick."


"Magic" + "k" = real magick.

Simple as that.

But this begs another Big Question:

Is magick real?


Of course magick is real.

Next question.

What is magick?

Well, "magick" is a word.

A word is composed of a series of auditory sounds and/or a series of visual symbols.

Words are spelled.

Magick is also "spelled."

Language — speaking, writing, spelling — is a kind of magick.

Magick is a kind of language, just like English, Math, Signing, and C++.

(And those are just the conscious languages, not to mention unconscious communication, such as most body language.)

Language is a set of keys which unlock — or a series of portals which lead to — meaning.

Magick and meaning are like Yang and Yin, respectively.

They are the foundational elements of what we call "Reality" and "Existence."

Now, please keep in mind, "magick" and "meaning" are merely words, like all of the other words on this page.

The ideas happening in your mind as you read these words — are not words.

No, not the voice in your head that's giving you a mental representation of the sounds of these words.

We mean the actual ideas being conjured in your mind.

We mean, the meaning.

Now then...

What is the meaning of meaning?

. . .

At this point, we trust that you have gotten a taste of what we mean when we tell of magick.

Magick. Mystery. Mind. Meaning.

Not only do all of these words start with an "M"...

(We jest.)

... they also all point to the same thing.

What is that thing?

That, our dear Cosmic Traveler, we cannot tell, not because we are keeping it secret from you...

... but because it is The Thing Which Cannot Be Named.

It is beyond words.

And it lives at the core of all that we do, make, and be.

Some choose to fear it, while others choose to revere it.

Still others choose to worship it.


. . .

We choose to become it.

That is what magick means to us.

How do I do magick?

From our perspective, magick isn't something you "do" so much as it is something you "be."

You are magick. Everything is.

Magick is not "done."

Magick happens.

The distinction we're making here is an important one, because it's the same distinction which separates the Sith from the Jedi.

Can you intuit which one is which?

. . .

So, we encourage you to completely eradicate from the entirety of your being the notion of "doing magick."

Instead, open yourself to the perspective that magick is.

And when you know how to get your-self out of the way, magick moves through you.

Magick happens around you.

Magick unfolds for you, like the most precious gift to be cherished forever and shared abundantly with everyone you love and all beings of the cosmos.


Our flavor of magick

By now you've really had a taste of magick.

But this is not what All Magick tastes like.

This is our flavor of magick — and there are infinite flavors.

We trust that, with our guidance, you shall find your own flavor of magick.

And we won't stop you if you choose the Dark Side.

There is no Light without Darkness, after all.

The Ultimate Choice™

(We sincerely trust that you dig our sense of humor, as well as our flavor of magick.)


What'll it be, CT?

We know that you know that magick is real 👀

Somewhere in there, inside of yourself, you know that magick is real.

That's why you're still here right now, reading these words.

That being the case, whether or not to decide if magick is real is not The Ultimate Choice™ of which we jestfully tell.

The Ultimate Choice™ is...

... now that you know that you know that magick is real...

... and now that you know that we know that you know that magick is real...

. . .

what now?

. . .

. . .

. . .

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