🌎 Where do I even begin?

And where do "you" even end?

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My dear Cosmic Traveler, brave Seeker of wonders, Witness of Time and Space in human form…

Welcome to this exploration of Magick & Meaning. Now…

Where indeed do I begin?

There is so much I would like to share with you, but only if you would like to partake.

Otherwise… that would be rather impolite, no?

This topic, this area, this subject matter and realm of magick is expansive beyond belief!

No doubt, there really is no room for belief, once you dive deeply enough.

No room for doubt, either.

Each phrase I utter (or, in this case, type) is a portal into even more and deeper mysteries of mind, spirit, and metaphysical reality.

So, indeed, where do I begin?

Let's first together look at the double meaning of the title of this exploration…